Free the soul (Self Help)

This is a part of a project undertaken to help simplify the understanding of one’s internal organization and external occurrences, the balance of one’s inner and outer Universes, thus freeing oneself from self-made chains, to ascertain a specific kind of freedom that we seem to be running out of.

We have layers inside us, most of which you should be able to sense and differentiate. As far as I know it looks kind of like this…

At a glance this looks amazingly complex of course, but you can figure that it starts from the core (the Sun/Nirvana) of your self and extends out to the current physical body we exhibit. Therefore the closer the layer to your Sun, deeper it influences you. Here we have to understand which element/feeling stands in which plane for each of us (as our anatomy is mostly very different) to havve a good grasp on being able to understand ourselves and therefore deliver the best.

Simply put, sitting down with yourself and your thoughts, meditation, self advocacy and revaluation, these are few of the methods to begin parallel inquiry into yourself and understanding the geometry of our planes. And they say, divine music occurs when the seven planes of existence are in harmony with each other.


You are a soul, you use your mind and you have a body.

thank you Luca, for the quote

Free your body

  1. Follow the Sun (single biggest source of all energy)
  2. Eat right
  3. Keep fit
  4. Stay clean
  5. Feel comfortable with your movements; practice Yoga
  6. Wear what you like to (not what you have to)

Free your mind

  1. Follow the moon (understand the moon’s effect on the mind, melanin and lunar cycles)
  2. Think right
  3. Exercise your head, it’s the strongest muscle in your entire body
  4. Speak your mind (this helps reuse, rejuvenate and re-evaluate your thoughts)
  5. Feel comfortable with your thoughts; practice Meditation
  6. Let your mind run wild, it is the only way to know it’s direction

Free your soul

  1. Understand that your soul is the balance of your mind and body. This is where the two can meet.
  2. Feel right (trust your instinct/gut)
  3. Live in the moment (if you feel, feel in the moment; you think, think in the moment; you reflect, reflect in the moment)
  4. Express your soul
  5. Feel comfortable with yourself as a whole, understand EVERYTHING IS ONE
  6. There is no box.

This is the beginning of a long journey into understanding the depths of one’s existence, you may be lost or found, either way if you are on a certain path, know that you have consciously submitted to it.
Luck mate! :)

Knowing solves half of the problems in the world, breathing solves the problem of knowing.



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