The Design of the Universe

No kidding!


Let’s start off easy…the meaning.

It is derived from,

Universum (Latin), ‘uni’ meaning one + ‘Versum’ or ‘versus’ the past participle for ‘verter’, to turn.

In literal sense, it is one and the opposite of it, everyone, everything.

I mean that’s obvious, the universe is everything. Everything is in it.

But how is it constructed? Well, if you look at an atom this would be the easiest to solve. Quantum physics says we are all made of the particle, everything is. So it makes sense to take it is a model for everything…

So basically we are looking at the center body, the nucleus + a surrounding mass of effervescent electrons on orbits. I use the word effervescent here…the electrons exist as an effect to the nucleus. At this point you could consider the cause to be the nucleus.

In philosophy, this existence is called a process. These are basically cycles of two events, the second exists because of the first.

Just to sum it up…

The Universe, which is everything, is a process of processes.

This might look like a weird word equation that I have proved right with some phony math. But that’s for you guys to question. And I love questions.

But let’s get back to the topic, we’re almost done.

So I begin to imagine the construct of the Universe as an event/phenomenon/process/magic, in s fractal plane of existence (:


Generalizing the Collatz procedure to the complex plane results in the Collatz fractal, which reminds of the Mandelbrot set.

I begin to see the Universe’s riddle of being such paradoxical in nature, and so even this is probably not that easy. I think there would be another riddle.

I understand that the Universe’s center is nothing but the Universe’s brain. The accumulation of all of everything’s consciousness. Thus the center is everywhere.

If you would believe this, the folks in the Quantum world, they say,

The center of the Universe is mathematically nowhere, so scientifically it is everywhere.

Everything has the potential to be the center, as separate events or entities, but one.


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