Magic + Design


Are the same thing…

Yup, that’s what the marketers call a luring title. I played a small trick there, placed magic first. That does wonders apparently.

It’s pretty amazing how these two are related. Cause they are not just related they are actually synonyms. Your dictionary doesn’t tell you that because it’s my headache, this is my blog’s [pun] soul [pun] purpose.

All right now that I’ve showed you a bunch of tricks…

The earliest known usage of the word Magi is in the trilingual inscription written by Darius the Great, Magic was called Magi and has been described as…

The Experience.

Of course ever since, the word’s use has been pervasive and self-destructive throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, Western Asian, Hellenistic and later modern cultures.

But in the origin of the term, Magic = Experience

This is easy to grasp actually.

Experience is the culmination of a certain point of time and has various factors of time in it - a person undergoes and encounters these practical contact with/and/or observation of facts or events for that specific space and time constraint/phenomenon.
This space-time-state is or can be a potential magical experience all the time.

Time itself is quite magical, you know! And it holds magic in a variety of shapes, sizes and forms. Mostly we fail to perceive this magic or sense it, but potentially, it is always there.

I mean it’s most effective to see and say that magic, experience, time, design - are all synonyms of each other that we created to try and express and come in terms with what is actually life that we are experiencing, living through, making our way, trying to find a silver lining, trying to make heads of tails.

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