Art of Mistake

To err is human, then why can’t we grasp it?

Mistakes have always be-founded everything, so much so that most genius inventions are mistakes. Yet why do we keep getting told off for making mistakes, and more importantly why do we let ourselves?

Natural selection is actually a permutation and combination of mistakes and achievements. It grows through this process of mistakes and achievements. And it’s obvious, we’ve always heard that you learn from your mistakes, they make you.

Yet there has to be a better way to learn this and I find today, 14 February, 14, a good day to begin.

Best lessons are from mistakes

A mistake is not failure, you just know what doesn’t work

More often than not, mistakes have made people wiser. To avoid situations where you might make a mistake is the biggest mistake one can make. There is not one thing that doesn’t work by the laws of permutation and combination, which translates into evolutionary natural selection. This works in a way, where it eliminates distractions and keeps getting closer to the perfection of the process, whatever it may be.

Evolution itself is a by-product of learning from mistakes and it would be a shame if our mistakes don’t look worth the while.

Never repeat a mistake, if you do, you haven’t learnt anything from it, yet.

A bachelor is the guy who never made the same mistake once.
Of course this doesn’t mean that he is aware of the state of his emotions in the situation of him being married to somebody. In short, he doesn’t know about the variables, how would he get the math right?

Yet if you’ve made a mistake once, you (should) have some kind of a math worked around it, make sure you don’t screw up a 2nd time because of the same error.

Whoever said don’t dig too deep, didn’t want you to find out.

Don’t dwell there, devour it. If we see, digest, interact with and learn from our greatest mistakes, they become our most potential experiences.

It’s easy to dissect a mistake: What, Why, When and How, ask yourselves these 4 questions regarding it.
There’s a thin life of difference though, between you dissecting the mistake and vice-versa. Pay attention to it.

Learn from others’ mistakes, you don’t have the time to make them all yourself.

There are 3 kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves -Will Rogers

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