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Anarchy - in Nature

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“The natural optimum state of an individual element which in turn gives way to a natural optimum state of the whole.”

Over the past few days and in the light of recent tragedies I have had the opportunity to bring this word up over and over. Otherwise the collective and everyone in it is fearful of the implications and therefore in resultant in denial of its real effect.

Anarchy is a state of nature, a logos. Of course a lot of us would point out that Anarchy had its origins as a word around the 16th century but let me tell you that it has been found in Taoism before that; Christ has been nominated as one of the most prolific Anarchists as well. To iterate further, whereas the Taoists were principally interested in nature and identified with it, the opposing sect of Confucians were more worldly- minded and concerned with...

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Free the soul (Self Help)

This is a part of a project undertaken to help simplify the understanding of one’s internal organization and external occurrences, the balance of one’s inner and outer Universes, thus freeing oneself from self-made chains, to ascertain a specific kind of freedom that we seem to be running out of.

We have layers inside us, most of which you should be able to sense and differentiate. As far as I know it looks kind of like this… 7Layersofexistence.jpg

At a glance this looks amazingly complex of course, but you can figure that it starts from the core (the Sun/Nirvana) of your self and extends out to the current physical body we exhibit. Therefore the closer the layer to your Sun, deeper it influences you. Here we have to understand which element/feeling stands in which plane for each of us (as our anatomy is mostly very different) to havve a good grasp on being able to understand ourselves...

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“There’s a nice German word, gesamtkunstwerk. It means the entirety is a work of art.”

A few days back I chanced upon this work while researching on anthropology and design…here’s to dissecting it.

Etymology - gesamt meaning total, whole, entire; Kunstwerk meaning work of art, artwork.

The term was coined for the first time back in 1827 by the German philosopher and theologian, K.F.E. Trahndorff. Few years ahead and Richard Wagner starts using this term in his Zurich essays of 1849 in relation to aesthetic principles and social dreams. A century later it was applied to forms of architecture as well.

Syntheses of arts is a confusing subject and the phenomenon has been enthusiastically reviewed by great thinkers and artists alike. Some call the process an art work in itself, where the different arts that are being blended, disappear, and in completing...

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Art of Mistake

To err is human, then why can’t we grasp it?

Mistakes have always be-founded everything, so much so that most genius inventions are mistakes. Yet why do we keep getting told off for making mistakes, and more importantly why do we let ourselves?

Natural selection is actually a permutation and combination of mistakes and achievements. It grows through this process of mistakes and achievements. And it’s obvious, we’ve always heard that you learn from your mistakes, they make you.

Yet there has to be a better way to learn this and I find today, 14 February, 14, a good day to begin.

Best lessons are from mistakes

A mistake is not failure, you just know what doesn’t work

More often than not, mistakes have made people wiser. To avoid situations where you might make a mistake is the biggest mistake one can make. There is not one thing that doesn’t work by the...

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Last week at a glance

Design: The Evolution Door


Humanity: US urges Egypt to free Al Jazeera staff

Environment: NASA prints Trees


Science: Kinetic art + Magnetic sculptures

Kinetic Art

Anthony Howe’s Otherworldly Kinetic Sculptures from The Creators Project on Vimeo.

Magnetic Ferrofluid sculptures

FERROFLUID 01 from Иванов Вячеслав on Vimeo.

Mathematics: Benoit Mandelbrot on using Fractals to find Order in Chaos


Philosophy: Alan Watts on Becoming Who You Really Are


Video of the Week

Kayden + Rain from Nicole Byon on Vimeo.

Hope you have enjoyed this week’s news. If you have any info or news to share for next week, please write to me

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The Design of the Universe

No kidding!


Let’s start off easy…the meaning.

It is derived from,

Universum (Latin), ‘uni’ meaning one + 'Versum’ or 'versus’ the past participle for 'verter’, to turn.

In literal sense, it is one and the opposite of it, everyone, everything.

I mean that’s obvious, the universe is everything. Everything is in it.

But how is it constructed? Well, if you look at an atom this would be the easiest to solve. Quantum physics says we are all made of the particle, everything is. So it makes sense to take it is a model for everything…

So basically we are looking at the center body, the nucleus + a surrounding mass of effervescent electrons on orbits. I use the word effervescent here…the electrons exist as an effect to the nucleus. At this point you could consider the cause to be the nucleus.

In philosophy, this existence is called...

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Magic + Design


Are the same thing…

Yup, that’s what the marketers call a luring title. I played a small trick there, placed magic first. That does wonders apparently.

It’s pretty amazing how these two are related. Cause they are not just related they are actually synonyms. Your dictionary doesn’t tell you that because it’s my headache, this is my blog’s [pun] soul [pun] purpose.

All right now that I’ve showed you a bunch of tricks…

The earliest known usage of the word Magi is in the trilingual inscription written by Darius the Great, Magic was called Magi and has been described as…

The Experience.

Of course ever since, the word’s use has been pervasive and self-destructive throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, Western Asian, Hellenistic and later modern cultures.

But in the origin of the term, Magic = Experience

This is easy to grasp...

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Design is Yin + Yang


In fact any thing in existence has the Yin + the Yang. In design though the concepts work in a deeper way than most think.

Most people think design is restricted to the final visual rendering of the way something looks - but most designers and some other enlightened ones would know that design has more to it.

Steve Jobs once said,

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Quite honestly, the more I work as a designer, the better I see this truth.

Let’s break down this, apparently difficult, construct of cause + effect.

The cause -

Design is the experience of what you are trying to achieve. Of course there is abstract, almost instantaneous, designs but even that is surrounding a bigger experience, that of life most arguably. But in essence it is the overall vibe of what you are about to build, that you are experiencing. Like, right now I am...

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